Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The burden of freedom

For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another." (Galatians 5:13).

One of the greatest asset or privilege given to man by his maker is " liberty" or what you will call free will, freedom to make a choice.  But despite the truth that this is an asset to man it also has its burden. God gave you freedom to make a choice but you also need to realize that has good as that might be, living or facing the consequence of our choices is what we do not have a will power over.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Can you be that man?

"before any plant of the field was in the earth and before any herb of the field had grown. For the LORD God had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to till the ground;" (Genesis 2:5).

The things of God are lines upon lines ,precept upon precept. And that's why delay does not mean denial but rather God could withhold the answers to some certain prayers because you are not yet ready( character wise) for the miracle.

God did not send rain on the earth, simply because "the man" that will till the land was not yet in the picture. No matter how great a vision might be untill you have the right character to fulfil that vision, God won't release the supply and if you get the supply outside Him it will only be a charade.

So if you want a good marriage , good ministry, business, you need to be the man God want you to be for that dream to come to reality. No Matter how glorious your vision might be if you don't have the right character the tendency that you will destroy the vision is high.

Happy Sunday

Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Star ! Arise and Shine

"And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was." (John 17:5)
"........... For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him."" (Matthew 2:2).

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Why do I feel like everyone is more successful than me?

So often when you’re working to accomplish something it can seem like everyone else around you is having effortless success, while you work day in and day out and seem to be standing still in comparison.

No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re facing challenges and see others who seem to be more successful than you flaunting their latest wins, it’s so easy to slip into despair. It’s easy to wonder if you should just give up. It’s so easy to start wondering if maybe you’re just not good enough or if you just don’t have the wealth and resources to succeed.

I’ve found, however, that each one of these moments of despair and self-questioning can in fact strengthen and empower you, if you can get out of your own way and look at your circumstance with a clear head.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

4 Ways to Meditate Even When You Think You’re Not Good At It

Found this wonderful post on meditation as shared by EVERYDAY POWER BLOG 
It is actually a long read but worth it. Read below

A new Page

...............And now your father has ceased caring about the donkeys and is worrying about you, saying, "What shall I do about my son?"'" (1 Samuel 10:2).

Yesterday is in the tomb, it is absolutely foolishness conducting a memorial service for it. Historians would have been the richest set of people on earth , if dwelling on the past is greater than focusing on the future. To a man who is a new creation; God has forgotten about your past mistakes, short comings etc. As a matter of fact the mercy of God took away the consequence of the past and gives you a fresh lease of life.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Amazing Facts About Women

The bible said that in the beginning God created man and having seen that all he did was fine he made man to sleep and removed one of his ribs to create a woman. From this view point we can deduce that God created a woman to be by the side of the man not above neither to be under him. After creation man was lonely and needed a help therefore the need for a woman. If a woman was created to help a man we can also theorise that a woman is stronger than a man in some aspects.####Clap for me.

Amazing Facts of A Woman

1. A woman is such a school you will never graduate from.
2. A woman is not like 'Dettol advert', if you don’t take care of her...others will.
3. Your wedding certificate with her is not a "driving Licence"; it’s just a "learner’s permit"!
4. It takes time for a #woman to trust a man, it’s hard to change when she does, but if you mess 
up, you might just forget it.
5. She can be a very bitter pill, and a very sweet angel, it all lies in your approach.
6. A Woman hardly forget things; she remembers hurts more, avoid making her hurt.
7. A Woman can be highly secretive.. Most times when they prove hard to men, they go to
their closet and friends to cry!
8. ALL Women 'loves' to be begged! They love it more than they love men often!
9. When a woman is angry, over half of what she says- she doesn't mean...
10. The most difficult time for a woman is when she is away from the man she loves!

God is able

"Yes, they spoke against God: They said, "Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?" (Psalms 78:19).

"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over." (Psalms 23:5).

There is no mountain too high that God cannot move, there is no valley too low that He won't see you through; if only you can close your eyes to the obvious and put your total trust and faith on God and His word.

The children of Israel never believed that God can provide them food in the desert but lo and behold he over fed them with manna , this is an indication that no matter what your greatest heart desire might be, no matter how difficult that issue or terrible that sickness may be. God is the ultimate solution to everything.

I have seen genotype change from SS to AA,  cancer have bowed to His word before, the dead have been raised from the dead bed several times over. Dead businesses have come alive before even careers have be resuscitated by God.
My assignment today is to introduce this God that can prepare a table for you not only in the wilderness but also in the presence of those asking where is your God.


Ladies, can you relate with the pic below?

Google image

Sounds like what i heard recently..lol
Share your experience....

Thursday, 14 January 2016



1)Listen, listen, listen! Put down that newspaper (or TV remote control) and let her know your focus is on her.

2)When she tells you her problems, try not to jump in with advice. A sympathetic ear may be all she needs.
(If you have advice to offer, ask her if she wants it. If she doesn't, then just listen to her. This will mean more than any advice you could give —even though it makes no sense to you. The point is to give her what SHE needs not what you feel you need to give her.)

3)Schedule a date with her once a week. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The goal is simply to create time for just the two of you.You dated her before marriage, which helped you both to fall in love with each other, now date her after marriage to nurture and continue to grow your love.

4)Surprise her with little things that show your affection —a note, a funny card, a small gift, or flowers for no reason. She needs to feel you’re thinking of her.

5)Do little day-to-day things that make her feel taken care of —like filling her empty water glass, bringing her coffee in bed or turning down her side of the bed if you go to sleep before her.

6)Connect with her physically during the day. Kiss her when you wake up, hold her hand sometimes, and touch her in non-sexual ways. She’ll be nicer to you and your sex life may improve. (But if that’s your main motivation it may not, depending on her personality.)

7)Let the kids be your responsibility too. That way, she’ll get some time for herself.
(They're your children too. It gives you the opportunity to connect with them —which they need from you!)

8)Respect her. Don’t make fun of her or berate her just because she doesn’t think the same way you do.
(The Bible tells us, "Love protects." She needs you to “protect” her feelings.)

9) When you’re angry or upset, tell her why. Don’t make her guess. [But be careful. The Bible tells us to "speak the truth in love," —meaning that what you say is to be motivated by your love for her to improve things between you. Things won't improve if you communicate in mean-spirited ways.]

10) Compliment her. And tell her you love her —at least once a day.

1) Let him know you believe in him. This will empower him to achieve his dreams. You made him feel that he was more special than anyone or anything else, before marrying. Work to help him see that again.

2) Accept your husband for the man he is, instead of wishing you could change this or that. (Stop concentrating on your spouse’s faults (this makes them look even bigger than real life). Instead, work on your own. Take the “log” out of your own eye, as the Bible says to do in Matthew 7:5.)

3) Help him be a hero to his kids. Speak well of him and the good things that he does. (You are God's choice for being your husband's cheerleader, when it comes to your husband. (And the same goes for him.)

4) Appreciate the things he does —like making repairs around the house. (Even if he doesn't do them well —at least he's making the effort —which is more than a lot of husbands will do.)

5) Let him spend time with the guys doing “guy” things (unless those "guy" things compromise the integrity of your marital relationship).

6) Respect his right to need some space sometimes. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

7) Stop asking him to throw out his torn, faded jeans. What you hate about them is what he loves about them. [Learn to choose your battles —concentrate on things that really ARE important.]

8. Stop criticizing his mother or father. This may be difficult to do when his family makes life difficult for you. "Speak the truth in love" and —motivated by love, when it concerns his family. If this doesn't help, ask the Lord to show you how to handle the situation in the godliest, most peaceable way possible.

9) Be patient with him. Make him feel special —he’s still someone who craves your approval. 

10) Keep looking your best — for him … and for yourself

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How to Have a Lovely Day in 10 Steps

Hi beauties! I want to share this great how to have a lovely day that I came across. I think this simple set of instructions is totally doable and sounds like a great way to start the week:

I absolutely love this and couldn't put it any better myself. All of these are easy things that we should already be doing but often overlook. I challenge each of you to try all of these tomorrow and see how your day goes! 

 Let us know in the comments if you decide to give this a try and be sure to tell us how it works out.

If you could add one thing to this list, what would it be?


If you never received letters like these, you know nothing

Dear Sugar 
Time and ability plus double capacity has forced my pen to dance automatically on this benedicted sheet of paper. Why this miraculous thing happened is because honey I love you spontaneously and as I stand horizontal to the wall and perpendicul

ar to the ground I only think of you, since you are a fantastic and fabulous girl Darling please Stop haranguing with the feelings in my heart because I love you more than a snake loves rat. To me each day starts by thinking of you and ends by dreaming of you. Each time I see you my metabolism suddenly stops and my peristalsis goes in reverse gear. My medular-oblangata also stops functioning. 

Crazy crazy crazy you may say but this is true. If only you knew what is going on in my encephalon you would understand. That's why I need to see you face to face with you, soon. I think I have to pen-off here because I still haven't finished studying electrolysis and polymerization. Catch you later. Sleep tight and don't let those bed bugs bite you coz you are too sweet for them. 

Yourz Ever


First Thing Every Morning

If you had a bank that credited your account each morning with $86,400—with no balance carried from day to day—what would you do? Well, you do have such a bank...time.

Every morning it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it rules off as "lost" whatever you have failed to use toward good purposes. It carries over no balances and allows no overdrafts. You can't hoard it, save it, store it, loan it or invest it. You can only use it—time.

Here's a story that drives the point home.

Arthur Berry was described by Time as "the slickest second-story man in the East," truly one of the most famous jewel thieves of all times. In his years of crime, he committed as many as 150 burglaries and stole jewels valued between $5 and $10 million. He seldom robbed from anyone not listed in the Social Register and often did his work in a tuxedo. On an occasion or two, when caught in the act of a crime by a victim, he charmed his way out of being reported to the police.

Like most people who engage in a life of crime, he was eventually caught, convicted and served 25 years in prison for his crimes. Following his release, he worked as a counterman in a roadside restaurant on the East Coast for $50 a week.

A newspaper reporter found him and interviewed him about his life. After telling about the thrilling episodes of his life he came to the conclusion of the interview saying, "I am not good at morals. But early in my life I was intelligent and clever, and I got along well with people. I think I could have made something of my life, but I didn't. So when you write the story of my life, when you tell people about all the burglaries, don't leave out the biggest one of all... Don't just tell them I robbed Jesse Livermore, the Wall Street baron or the cousin of the king of England. You tell them Arthur Berry robbed Arthur Berry."

Here are six terrific truths about time:

FirstNobody can manage time. But you can manage those things that take up your time.

Second Time is expensive. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of our day is spent on those things or those people that only bring us two percent of our results.

Third Time is perishable. It cannot be saved for later use.

Fourth Time is measurable. Everybody has the same amount of time...pauper or king. It is not how much time you have; it is how much you use.

Fifth Time is irreplaceable. We never make back time once it is gone.

Sixth Time is a priority. You have enough time for anything in the world, so long as it ranks high enough among your priorities.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Keep your relationships but.....

"Again they cried openly. Orpah kissed her mother-in-law good-bye; but Ruth embraced her and held on. Naomi said, "Look, your sister-in-law is going back home to live with her own people and gods; go with her." (Ruth 1:14-15).

Am of the opinion that "good relationship is greater than good bargain". I won't mind loosing money if it means keeping a good relationship. But as important as a relationship might be you need to understand that some of them have life spans and the moment it expires you just have to let them go.

The more you try to keep an expired relationship the more harm you will be doing to yourself. Some are good for the summer but cannot survive the winter. Some can only be with you for as long as you are " successful" but the moment failure comes they just have to go.

If anyone leaves during the winter season of your life, in some cases it does not mean they are bad but rather it may imply that their part in the story of your life has ended. Orpah left not because she was bad but because according to God's agenda she can't be a part to the next phase of Naomi's destiny.

My assignment today is to jolt you to the consciousness that you need to keep your relationships but be sensitive.

Gbenga Ajayi

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Divine Counselling

Psalms  139:15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
God is the all knowing and the way He planned out our lives is such that we will always depend on Him for all that we ever hope to become or to achieve in life. There is absolutely nothing about our lives that is hidden from Him. From the very moment our parents met and the seed that produced us was released from the loins of our father; God the omniscient knows about it and he has mapped out the path for us to trod on.

Most of the time we find ourselves in messes that should not have been if only we had asked God for His counsel. Many a marriages that are struggling today would not have been so if only God had been sought before the people concerned ever delved into the relationship.

Many businesses today are having issues not because the people or persons involved do not have the business acumen but rather because the one that knows the end from the beginning was never consulted.

In every area of our lives if we ever want to be successful we need to have the counsel of God before, during and going on. 

Look out for this page as we shall be discussing various ways that we need counselling and also we shall be open up to responding to questions from you.

Remain blessed in Jesus name